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Stories from the field

1st AG Hawaii Japanese Conference

Host of Japanese Conference 2013

Pastor Don Yoshida was the host of this Japanese Conference. He has been praying for Japanese ministry not only at his church but also praying for the formation of a Japanese Fellowship under the US Assemblies of God Ethnic Relations office. Fifty years ago, Dr. Kitano, who is a Principal of Central Bible College in Tokyo, was at Bethany Assembly and led a Japanese ministry. He has believed God would use his church to bless Japanese people.  Pastor Don Yoshida came to the Midwest Japanese Conference for which Rev. Daisuke and Yoriko Yabuki (missionaries) were hosts. He thought he could do it at his church and his district. At the 2nd Midwest Japanese Conference, everyone prayed for him and this First Japanese Conference in Hawaii. We rejoice with him and Mrs. Diana Yoshida for this exciting new ministry that reaches out to Japanese in Hawaii.

Greetings from Dr. George Nagato

Hawaii District Superintendent George Nagato blessed us by having this Assemblies of God Japanese Conference in the Hawaii district. He and his wife, Mrs. Rose, joined the opening luncheon and challenged us with God’s Word. He reminded us of God’s call for us to serve. He said NOW is the time. We need to know where should we serve for God. Dr. George encouraged us to continue this Japanese gathering until Jesus comes. We were so encouraged by his words and challenge.

Missionaries Daisuke and Yoriko Yabuki

 Rev. Daisuke and Yoriko Yabuki are missionaries from Japan As- semblies of God for reaching out to Japanese people in the States. They are now Pastors at Central Assembly, Springfield, MO for Inter- national Ministry. They are also working with the National Office of Ethnic Relations to form a Japanese Fellowship under Director Brother Scott Temple, who works under Dr. George Wood.

 November 2011 God spoke to Yoriko about coming to Hawaii. With the agreement of her husband, Daisuke, she came to Hawaii to meet with Superintendent Nagato, Pastor Don and other pastors to learn about the Japanese ministry needs in Hawaii. They have prayed and served with Pastor Don, Pastor Shinobu Carmichael and Mrs. Me- gumi Ogihara, who is a leader of Japanese ministry from First As- sembly. Pastor Ko gave his blessing for birthing this Japanese Con- ference in Hawaii.

Assemblies of God National Director for Ethnic Relations from Springfield, MO

Brother Scott Temple joined the conference to share the meaning of Fellowship in Christ among us. We often correct other’s weaknesses and failures. But when we make correc- tions, the relationship often does not go well. But God said to us to encourage one another. The Holy Spirit corrects our mistakes into repentance, but we should not do the work of the Holy Spirit. Our role to others is to encourage and love one another. He shared the testimony that Henry Ford invented the automo- bile with the encouragement of Thomas Edison. Ford said that without Edison’s encouragement, he could not have invented the cars we are now using.  He explained about forming a Japanese Fellowship under the Assemblies of God Ethnic Relations office to hear God’s great testimony for Japanese throughout United States as we did in the Midwest Japanese Conference. Yumiko got saved in this Conference. Her daugh- ter, Michaele, brought her mother from the island of Kauai for her salvation.. Mr. Ogihara is a Medical Doctor in Honolulu. He shared a great testimony about God who works in him.

Rev. Yoriko Yabuki

Pastor Yoriko spoke from the story of Joseph about how God’s dream can bloom in our lives . 13 years ago, she came to Hawaii for the first time. Because of her father, Rev. Dr. Yukio Funatsu, was on the CGI board with Dr. Cho Yongi, he knew Dr. Maroco. Yoriko went to King Cathedral and asked Pastor Anne Fujii to learn Japanese ministry in Hawaii. 13 years later, God’s dream for reaching out to Japanese in Hawaii was before her eyes. To bloom God’s dream in our lives, we must trust God’s goodness throughout all kinds of trials, forgive people who hurt us, and use our position to help and bless others. Japanese Christians came to the altar to pray, “Lord bloom Your Dream and use me to ac- complish it”.

Guest Speaker from Japan

Rev. Dr. Hiromasa Amano, who is a Japan Assemblies of God former General Secretary, came to this conference spoke on three differ- ent occasions God’s message for Japanese people. He shared his testimony of salvation, healing of his mother’s illness and his own can- cer. He shared the power of Jesus Christ who works in us and en- couraged all Japanese Christians to trust in Him. He shared about the dead resurrected in his church in Philippines. Some six Japanese raised their hands to accept Christ in that Friday evangelistic meeting. He emphasized that experiencing God’s miracle is the key to reaching out to more Japanese people in Hawaii.

Pastor Shinobu Carmichael

Pastor Shinobu Carmichael spoke three times in this confer- ence. She is a Pastor at Sure Foundation in Hilo. She spoke about radical prayer and worship of God. When we give worship, God dwells in our praise. She also led a small group to get to know one another. On the third day, she spoke about God’s calling for each one of us. Moses excused God’s call because of his weakness. We often hand a “Don’t Disturb” sign to God. We must remove it and must obey God to reach out to Japanese people.

The aim of this conference was to bring encouragement to Japanese Christians to understand what God says through the Bible. We emphasized being filled with the Holy Spirit. Another aim of this conference was to form a Japanese Fellowship in the US Assemblies of God to encourage one another. An additional aim of this conference was to help and challenge Christian leaders to start Japanese small groups at their own churches so they can reach out to more lost Japanese.
Thank you to Pastor Don and Mrs. Diana Yoshida who really worked hard to host this first
Japanese AG Conference at their church.

Worship Team

We want to express our appreciation to the worship team from First Assembly in this Conference. We also want to thank the special Gospel choir. Japanese Christians from different churches made up this team for this conference, and sang powerful Gospel songs which shook our hearts.


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