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The 2nd Midwest Japanese Conference News

Restoration...Hope In A Thirsty Land

March 12-14th, 2013

We know we could not have received such tremendous blessings without the prayers of Central’s pastors and the staff’s assistance for this conference. We deeply appreciate Pastor Jeff’s leadership and understanding. We also appreciate for Rev. Scott Temple’s faith and love for ethnic populations to be reached in the States. We have learned that 40 % of the attendance in U.S. Assemblies of God churches is now people with an Ethnic background. We see the need of reaching out to Japanese among other ethnicities. We also would like to show our appreciation to Dr. Klaus for kindly letting us use the AGTS chapel on Wednesday night. His message of hope for this nation was really encouraging for us. We had a great service that night. May God bless all the conference attendees. Rev. Daisuke &Yoriko Yabuki (Hosts)

We invited Rev. Hiroshi Ito from Sendai city who is a former Tohoku district superintendent. He was in the position when the 9.0 magnitude earthquake happened in Japan March 11th, 2011. He kept saying in the conference, “THANK YOU” to all of us for our prayers and giving through Convoy of Hope to help the people there at that time from the United States. He shared how Japanese lives were so changed by the disaster and how God has been saving people’s lives through Jesus Christ. He said the purpose of the restoration was to bring God’s goodness to other people. He shared that the people who lost everything by the tsunami got saved and now serve as staff to bless others in Japan.

Rev. Dale Crall has served as XA campus pastor at Carbondale, IL for 25 years, He has reached out to more than 150 Japanese exchange students for their salvation and also helping them become dis- ciple makers. Since Rev. Dale Crall preached on repentance of our unbelief for the salvation of Japanese and our lack of prayers to God, we need to pray every day for next year’s conference that the Lord will bring 100 Japanese souls to the 3rd Japanese Conference. Elder ministers anointed and prayed for younger ministers as they left Springfield for their mission fields with a passion for reaching out to Japanese throughout the States. He has shared many great testimonies through his message about his personal restoration in the Lord Jesus Christ. He challenged us to pray more and believe God.

First Informational Meeting at US Assemblies of God

At the opening service, Rev. Scott Temple, who is a director of Ethnic Relations of National Assemblies of God, spoke about God’s heart and love for Japanese people who live in the United States . He said, "Do not despise small starts”. We began this with a small number, but as the river has flowed into a wide and deep ocean, this Japanese Conference will lead us into wider and deeper blessings with many Japanese receiving salvation. In the afternoon on March 13th, Rev. Scott led the first informational meeting for forming a Japanese Fel- lowship. We confirmed God’s guidance for us to establish a Japanese Language Fellowship. This work is very exciting knowing God’s further mission for reaching out to Japanese in the States.

How to lead a Japanese Bible Study at your church

One of the work sessions was about “How to lead a Japanese minis- try at my church” and was led by Yoriko Yabuki. Since Yoriko has seen many Japanese salvations through a local church, she wanted to share how to do it. She also shared the mentality of Japanese based on Shinto, Buddhist, Confucian, shame concepts and the style of the leadership of 1600 Tokugawa’s leadership. All the ministers brought up a wisdom and strategy in the discussion.



There were different workshops in this conference. Dr. Jim Bradford taught all the ministers about a healthy minister’s emotion, marriage relationship, and their leadership. Mrs. Sandi Bradford shared to Japanese mothers about Godly parenting. Steve Smith taught how to reach out to Japa- nese according to his Japanese ministry setting in Ann Ar- bor, Michigan. Dale Crall also taught about healthy mar- riage and discipleship. Keith Bank taught about worship. All were so good and full of insights. We really enjoyed learning from them.

How did we end this conference?

Rev. Donald Yoshida, who is a Hawaii district secretary and a pastor for Bethany Assemblies of God, had a long- time vision of reaching out to Japanese people in Hawaii. He came to the first Midwest Japanese Conference and be- lieved this conference would be held in his church too. Dai- suke and Yoriko have had the privilege of working with him with other ministers from Hawaii to birth this first Japa- nese Conference in Hawaii Assemblies of God. With the blessing of Hawaii District Superintendent, Dr. George Na- gato, we have prepared and prayed for the revival of Japa- nese community in Hawaii. Midwest Japanese Conference really prayed for Rev. Donald Yoshida and send him back to Hawaii with our prayer. End of the Midwest Japanese Conference is “Start” for something for greater plans

Please pray with us

Thank you for your blessings and heart for missions with us, and allowing us to have this wonderful conference at Central Assembly. We could not have done without your help and prayers and advice. We deeply appreciate each one of you who released what you have for blessings over the 2nd Midwest Japanese Conference. God began to re- lease His blessings to other states with leaders who joined this conference. Please pray four things below.

1. The 3rd Midwest Japanese Conference on 13-15 March, 2014(tentantive) 2. Establishing the Japanese Fellowship in U.S. Assem- blies of God 3. Empowerment over each leader who joined the con- ference 4. Great spiritual awakening for 400,000 Japanese peo- ple in the States


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