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3rd Midwest Japanese Conference News



Opening Service

“Jesus’ One Drop For Japan” was the theme of the third Midwest Japanese Conference. We believe in the power of Jesus’ blood to change our lives. Revs. Daisuke and Yoriko Yabuki, missionaries to Japanese in the U.S.A. and Conference Coordinators, opened the service by welcoming people and praying that this conference would not be any person’s, but only God’s. Pastor Sayaka Ikeda, Calvary Campus Church, Carbondale, IL, led a powerful time of worship with her team. We welcomed Rev. Scott Temple, Director of the Assemblies of God Ethnic Relations Office, as our guest speaker. He preached on giving even a small amount to Jesus. He referred to the poor widow who gave only two copper coins as her offering. Pastor Hiro Noda, Portland Christian Center, OR, served as interpreter for him. From the beginning of the opening service, the altars were filled with many whose lives were challenged by the idea of giving what we have to God, even if it is small. God filled our altars with His presence and many tears were on people’s faces when they were broken before God. “Lord, we will give what we have, even if is small. We will step out by faith yielding to you”. We all received a card to remember this message. We appreciate Mrs. Debbie Mills, assistant to Rev. Scott Temple, for her beautiful work for us all behind the scenes.


Report From The Hawaii Assembly of God Japanese Conference 
Don Yoshida Rev. Don Yoshida, Hawaii district secretary, shared how the Lord blessed the previous Hawaii Japanese Conference. We encourage everyone to attend the Japanese Women’s Conference in June 2014 at Rev. Yoshida’s church. The conference focus, to “SHINE” as Joyful Mothers, Loved Wives and Valued Women, will be spoken through several speakers. Please pray for God’s touch and healing through the conference. Women's Conference Poster


 Children’s Ministry led By Sylvia Rivera & Erin Hughes 

Children's Ministry Children’s services were led by Erin Hughes, a missionary kid who was raised in Tokyo with her parents, Rev. Steve & Carole Paris. She came back to Springfield, MO to Evangel College and became an art teacher at one of the SPS. Japanese children were also filled with God’s truth and Holy Spirit through services and activities because of Sylvia Rivera. Daisuke and Yoriko love to work with her in International Ministry. She taught the Bible to children by working with Pastor Justin, Central Assembly Children’s Pastor. We deeply appreciate their love to children.


Dr. George O. Wood

 First Evening Service With Dr. George O. Wood  

Evening Worship

We were so blessed by having in our conference Dr. George O. Wood, General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God and Chairman of the World Assemblies of God. He preached on “How To Be A Failure: How God’s Kingdom Grows”, explaining God’s principle of multiplying an empty basket into a full basket instead of a full basket into an empty basket from the miracle of the 5,000. We will fail if we focus on our small ability compared with God’s big task. We will fail if we evaluate success based on the little result after our ministry. We were so encouraged to focus on God’s ability, God’s miracle, and God’s miraculous result. Thanks to Mr. Hide Miyamoto who led powerful worship with his team from Christ For the Nations International, Dallas, TX.


Missions Report From The Northwest Ministry Network Japanese Gathering 
 Rev. Dave Harrison, Director of Intercultural Ministry at the Northwest Ministry Network of Assembly of God, shared the report of the first Japanese Gathering at his district. He believes that God will raise up more Japanese credentialed ministers in all 50 states in America! He shared his own call for the country of Brazil but after that even God’s call for Intercultural Ministries at NWMN for all nations. His prayer was so powerful and blessed this Assembly of God Japanese Network by casting a bigger vision among us. We love and appreciate Brother Dave and Sherry Harrison deeply. Dave Harrison


Dale Crall  

Morning Session With Rev. Dale Crall


Rev. Dale Crall, who used to be a XA International Ministry pastor at Carbondale, IL, went to Japan to help Japan’s XA leadership training with AGWM missionary, Rev. Joyce Kitano. God gave a vision to him with the Japanese flag. God spoke to Dale, "Even though the sin of Japan is so big before God, one drop of Jesus’ blood makes the Japanese as white as snow. Japan only needs the one drop of Jesus’ blood”.

Pastor Daisuke asked his permission to use this message for this year’s Conference theme. We need to know the power of Jesus’ blood that cleanses all our sins. Pastor Dale led us into prayer for Japan. Mrs. Hatsue Kashiba shared her salvation testimony and her struggle with her husband’s breakdown. She joined the missions’ trip to Japan with Convoy of Hope in April, 2013 and came back with new strength for missions.  She brought her friends all the way from Florida. Her testimony gave us more hope and encouragement that God answers our prayers!


Workshops On Friday Morning & Saturday Morning


We were so blessed by four workshop teachers who taught how to reach out to Japanese people through different approaches. Dr. Beth Grant came to teach the Women in Ministry session. Japanese ladies were so blessed by learning from Dr. Beth about “Fulfilling God’s Call; Holding On & Letting God”. Steve Smith, US Missionary to the Japanese, taught community outreach from his experience in Michigan. Jim & Brenda Dickey who are AGWM missionaries to Japan taught about church planting and cross cultural issues. Rev. Dale Crall led the class on Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Jim Tilus, XAI missionary in Minnesota taught how to reach out to Japanese exchange students from his experience. Nathan Davis taught how to adjust to the Japanese culture as a new born Christian. Yoriko taught Japanese ladies who are in Woman in Ministry. Beth Swartzendruber, pastor of Calvary Campus Church, Carbondale, IL taught us about “Crying out to God”.

 Network211 and Global University

Dr. Mark Flattery, president of Network211 shared about their internet ministry. Japanese is the fifth largest language in the internet world. He emphasized that we need to reach out to Japanese people in the world. They provided for our snack after the evening service. We appreciate their generosity. Rev. Michael Jonson came from Global University.  The Assemblies of God has been helping people access Bible courses to not only become credentialed by the Assemblies of God, but to also be equipped with more biblical knowledge.

Forming A Japanese Fellowship

Please pray for the formation of a Japanese Fellowship this summer. Rev. Scott Temple has already sent out a letter from his Ethnic Relations Office to call pastors, missionaries, and leaders to form a national Japanese Fellowship within the Assemblies of God. Please pray for the next five months that God will bless this process for His glory.  The meeting to discuss this will be Friday, August 8 2014 from 12:30-5pm at the Fusion Center, Central Assembly of God, Springfield, MO during the World A/G Congress.


 Second Evening Service With Dr. Beth Grant


  Beth Grant               Teaching a new song

In the second evening service, we felt we were all led into another spiritual level. Pastor Hiro Noda led this service with a word of encouragement. Two Japanese ladies who have led Japanese Ministries in NY and FL shared their ministries. They gave a special number introducing us to new worship in Japanese. Dr. Beth Grant as another guest speaker preached about “Unleashed!”. We must unleash His gospel shared in Pentecostal power. We must unleash God-gifted and God-called co-laborers instead of binding them with our negative thoughts. We must unleash powerful spiritual intercession. We must unleash Spirit-empowered pioneer church planters among the Japanese people where they have never been planted before. We must unleash the power of the blood of Jesus over the Japanese people. So many people were touched by God that night. We thank Dr. Beth for becoming the mouth of God for Japanese people in this generation. We all felt a spiritual breakthrough and entered the new spiritual ground together for something new God is planning.

Commissioning Service

Rev. David Speer, from Convoy of Hope, went into Japan with other leaders as a disaster responder after the big earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. He shared not only how Convoy of Hope helped Japan with local pastors, but also the difference between the mindset of God’s abundance and scarcity. We could receive the faith and courage which has been working through Convoy of Hope for other nations. “Lord use us also to go to help others as you have used Convoy of Hope, and American people for other nations”. We closed this conference with a commissioning service and anointed each one with oil to send them back to their places across the nation.

  Commissioning Service                                                                       Commissioning Service

Thank You!  Thank you again for participating in this conference, and for your prayers. God has already done amazing things for the Japanese Ministry Network partnering with Central Assembly, Ethnic Relations, and Japan Assemblies of God for the last three years. Through working together with local leadership, God has already brought much influence to other areas.  Please keep praying for God’s blessings for the Japanese Assembly of God Network in America. Thank you also for your prayers and encouragement for us. We will bless you and keep praying and believing for God’s victory over and through your ministry. Thank you for letting us lead this conference again with God’s help and your help. God bless you!      
Daisuke and Yoriko Yabuki, Conference Coordinators.

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